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The Conical Tower inside the Great Enclosure. The tower is completely solid. Its function is still a mystery. Great Zimbabwe Elephants in all sizes. Hwange NP 1
Zebra. Every stripe pattern is unique to an animal, just like human fingerprints. Hwange NP 2 Canoeing down the Zambezi, just watch out for crocs and hippo's. Sometimes they where way too close for comfort. Mana Pools 05-2007
Dragon Fly. Mana Pools 09-2006 Matobo National Park is situated about 40 km south of Zim's second largest city Bulawayo. Matobo NP
Our Landy, Elvis, looks small compared to this huge Baobab tree. On the Road The water level was only half a meter below its maximum of the season. Which was the highest in 23 years. Vic Falls - Microlight
Close to the falls everthing is green, but just 100 metres away dryness has set in. Victoria Falls Teeing off at Leopard Rock Golf Course. Vumba

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