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I visited Boston in July 2007 for work and was able to spent the weekend there as well. Boston is a very relaxed Boston Skyline, Waterfront and great city to explore. I've been walking around there for many kilometers seeing the sights. The contrast between the old and new high rise buildings is very big. The thing to do when walking in Boston is the Freedom Trail. This 4km trail leeds you past the many monuments the city has to offer.

In September 2008 we hired a car in Las Vegas and drove through the famous National Parks of the western part of the USA, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Arches, Capitol Reef and the most beautifull of them all, Bryce Canyon. After making the loop through those National Parks we came back to Las Vegas. From here we drove west to Death Valley and Yosemite. The final week we explored San Francisco and drove along the coast on Highway one to Los Angelos. The La Sal Mountains and Washer Woman Arch.
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