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On this site you can find photographs and a report of my holiday in Turkey. I traveled to Turkey in September 2002 with the Dutch travel organization SNP.

Amazing rock formation near Cavusin in Cappadocia, Turkey Starting in Istanbul we went by train to Aksehir. Unfortunately we did not have much time to look around in Istanbul. The first day we walked through the swamps near Eber Gölü. This turned out to be the only day with bad weather.

The next stop was Konya. Here we had half a day to see the sights. By bus we entered Cappadocia, where we encountered an amazing landscape. We stayed in a small town, Cavusin. Three days walking in these surroundings is just fantastic.

The night train from Kayseri left at 2:30 am and took us in 16 hours to Erzurum. Here made two treks about 40 km north of the city. Also a great landscape, but very different from the last few days.

The last stop before we took a plane to Istanbul was Kars. This is a town near the Georgian and Armenian border. A nice town to spent a few days.

Via Ankara we flew back to Istanbul. Some lucky people had booked a few extra nights in Istanbul, but for me it was the last night in Turkey.

It was a great holiday. The Turks are very hospitable. On a few of our treks, they offered us all kinds of fruit when we passed by their land or farm.
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