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Travelogue: 14 April 2001 - 21 April 2001

Day 2: Sunday, 15 April 2001
Djerba - Medenine - Tataouine - Douiret - Chenini - Zammour

After breakfast we met the drivers of our two land cruisers and headed for the ferry that would take us to the mainland. Our first stop is Medenine. Here we get a taste of the Tunisian way of living. A visit to the market and a we take a look at some old houses, which were being restored. Well houses, that is a big word for these places.

The next stop is Tatouine, where we have lunch and take a look around.

Our first starting point for a long walk is Douiret, an almost deserted berber village up in the mountains. The houses are a mix of caves and self made walls. It is amazing to think that people have lived in these conditions, actually a few of the houses are still occupied. The French made the people move to new towns on the foot of the mountains. The plan was to make a three hour walk to the Chenini, but because the guide wasn't available we had to take the car.

At the time we arrived in Chenini there were bus loads of tourists walking around, not a good time. So we decided to walk away from the town and explore the neighborhood. After we returned the busses had left and all was reasonably quiet. Time to smoke a water pipe.

In the evening we arrived in Zammour where we spent the night in a Ksar. A Ksar is a fortified storage facility on the top of the mountains.

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