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On this site you can find photographs and a report of my holiday in Tunisia. I traveled to Tunisia in April 2001 with the Dutch travel organization Sawadee.

Tunisia is a North African country. It is located between Algeria on the west, Libya on the southeast and the Mediterranean Sea.

Tunisia Sahara Apart from a short stop between flights in Tunis, we traveled through the south of Tunisia. We started the journey in Djerba, an island located on the eastern shore. From here we traveled by four-wheel drive cars to the western border with Algeria.

Besides driving from place to place, a lot of the time was spent walking in the mountains, towns and desert. And of course a camel ride was also on the agenda. And yes, even during the holiday you need some sleep. The places we lay down our head were very diverse, ranging from your normal hotel room, to a ksar, a pit-home and best of all, a 'bed' under the stars in the Sahara.

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