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In May 2006 I visited Morocco. Not the most obvious places like Casablanca, Marakesh or one of the other imperial cities but the Anti-Atlas region. The Anti-Atlas is the most southern part of the Atlas mountain range.

At Mansour Morocco After landing in Agadir we went straight to Taroudannt. This is a small city, also known as Little Marakesh. A nice town to get a taste of Moroccon life, without the hassles of a major city. Taroudannt has, like many places in Morocco, a big wall surrounding it. After exploring the city we went through the Anti-Atlas to Tata.

The road to Tata is spectacular. Driving through the mountains and small berber villages. On the way stopping for a small walk through a riverbed (oued). The majority of the rain falls in the winter, by the time we walked through the oued it was completely dry.

From Tata the road leads us to Tafraoute, well actually off-road is a better description. With our 4x4's we drove along rocky roads to reach our destination. Along the way the sights were again fenomanal. The surroundings of Tafraoute gave enough motivition to put on our walking shoes and explore. One of the highlights of this trip was walking through the Ait Mansour gorge, about an hour from Tafraoute.

Next stop on this short visit to Morocco was Amtoudi. A small town that is overlooked by an Agadir, a fortified granery. It is well worth the climb to visit this Agadir, not only for looking around this Agadir, but also to enjoy the view from the top. To the right of the Agadir runs a gorge. After for about an hour into the gorge you can find some pools to swim. It is also well worth to walk beyond the gorge and climb the mountains in the area.

After exploring the inland, it is now time to head for the ocean, the Atlantic Ocean. Sidi Ifni is a town that lies on top of the cliffs and used to be a Spanish enclave. It has a mediterranean feel, the houses are white and blue. Just outside the city to the north is beach Legzira. Here you can walk along the beach and under the natural arches that were formed erosian.

Finally we reach Agadir, just a big city on the Atlantic shores, before heading home.

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