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Wli Fall Here are the story and the pictures of my holiday in Ghana. I went there with Wim and Ellen in October/November 1999. For me it was my first holiday outside Europe. Even the first time I sat in an airplane.

In Ghana you will find the word 'Akwaaba', the tradition Ghanaian word for welcome, all over the place. And I have to say that you are made to feel welcome when you travel the country. The people are friendly, and getting around is not too difficult. The official language is English. Most people we met spoke English, so it is easier to communicate.

Besides the capital, Accra, we visited Hohoe and Akosombo in the east, Kumasi in the centre and Senya Beraku, Cape Coast and Elmina along the coast. The highlight of the trip for me was climbing to the Upper Wli Falls in the east, near Hohoe. Also visiting the forts that where used for the slave trade was very impressive.

Ghana is not a country most people think of when they go on holiday, but it is definitely worthwhile.


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