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In October/November 2003 I visited Egypt. I got to see a lot of the country. Roughly speaking the holiday was devided into three parts. About a week touring the four oases in the Western Desert. This part of the Sahara is more than just a big sandpit. Besides the sand there is the Black Desert and the spectacular White Desert. The second week we visited the ancient sites along the Nile. The third leg was the most active of the three, the Sinai.

Pyramids of Giza We were supposed to land in Alexandria, but due to some heavy fog on the ground the pilot had to abort the landing. After a few more tries and no chance of landing, we flew to Cairo instead.

After the troubles getting to Alexandria the rest of the trip went smoothly. After going back to Cairo we toured the Western Desert stopping in four Oases. This is also known as the "Great Desert Circuit". Firt stop was at Bahariya which is surrouded by the Black Desert. From here we went to Farafra, spending a night in the White Desert before arriving. The third oasis was Dakhla. Here you will find a few old towns worth visiting, especially Al-Qasr. The final oasis is El-Karga.

After completing our tour of the desert we met up with the river Nile again. From Aswan we went further south to Abu Simbel in a day trip. From Aswan we set sail on a felucca, sailing boat, to Kom Ombo, spending one night on the boat. Via Edfu we arrived in Luxor. A waterplane taking of and landing on the Nile gives you a great view over Luxor and the Valey of the Kings.

Having had a high dose of culture and history along the Nile we travelled in convoy to the Red Sea Coast. In particular Hurghada. Here we boarded the ferry to Sharm El-Sheikh, on the Sinai peninsula. This third part of our trip would be the most active one. Ascending Mount Sinai (2285 m), where Moses was supposed to have received the Ten Commandments. We stayed in a small town on the east of the peninsula, Dahab. From here we went to the White and Coloured Canyon. The White Canyon in particular was spectacular. It was also possible to go diving or snorkelling in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Finally we went back to Cairo. On our last day we finally visited the Pyramids and Saqqara. A great way to end this holiday.

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