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In April/May 2004 I visited Cuba. In three weeks I travelled from the eastern part all the way to the western part of Cuba, finishing in Havana.

Thinking of Cuba, one pictures an image of sigars, rum, old American cars and the ever present music. Well, in reality this is also true. Cuba is a very diverse country, with its three mountain ranges, colonial cities and beaches. Oldtimer in Trinidad

First stop was Santiago de Cuba, in the east. From there we headed into the mountains of the Sierra Maestra, where Fidel Castro had his headquarters during the revolution.

Next we left the eastern part of the island and travelled to the center. Before arriving there we vistited Camagüey, Cuba's third largest city. The first city we stayed in was Remedios. Actually a small town with a very relaxed atmosphere. Via Santa Clara we went to the southern shore, to Trinidad. This is one of the most beautifull cities in Cuba. The last stop in the center was Playa Larga, famous for the 'Bay of Pigs'.

Before our final destination, Havana, a fews days were spent on the western part of Cuba. We visted Soroa and Viñales before spending a day on one of the many island surrounding Cuba, Cayo Levisa. Most of the island is covered with mangrove forrest, but there is room for relaxing on the beach.

Finally a few days wandering in Havana. The old city, Havana Vieja, is a giant open air museum. Colonial houses everywhere. Some have been beautifully restored, while from other buildings only the facade remains. Another memorable sight in Havana is its long boulevard, the Malecón.

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