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Huaihai Road. Nanjing Donglu. One of the main shopping streets. In the distance you can see the Oriental Pearl Tower. The Bund. The futuristic tunnel under the Huangpu Jiang. Connecting the Bund with Pudong. The Oriental Pearl Tower. The rather dissapointing view from the Oriental Pearl Tower. Too much fog/smog. Huxingting Teahouse. Don't get your wires crossed. Living on the roof. Temperature check before entering Yofo Si. At that time I was fed up with those checks, so I did not enter. Yufo Si. The contrast between old and new. In a few years I geuss it will be all new. Things change fast in China. Inside the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium. The most beautifull aquarium I have seen. The Insect museum on Pudong, but there are more non insects to be seen. Like this creature. Nanjing Donglu by night.
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