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The photo's you can find on this site were taken while I was on holiday in China during the month of September 2000. On the left you can see the map of China with the route we took.

We left from Amsterdam on September 8th, and arrived in Beijing the following day. Besides visiting the sites in Beijing and fighting the busy traffic on a bicycle, a visit to the Chinese Wall could not be avoided.

China From Beijing it was a 14 hour train ride to Xi'an, famous for it's Terra cotta Army.

The next stop was Kunming, where we arrived by plane. Here we took the bus to Dali. After spending several days in Dali, the next place we visited was Lijiang.

From there we flew to Guilin, with a stopover in Kunming. After arriving in Guilin we immediately took the bus to Yangshuo. We had to spend an extra day in Yangshuo, because the train that was supposed to take us to Guangzhou didn't go, I think the problem was caused by flooding. The alternative was to fly the next day.

Arriving late in the evening in Guangzhou, and leaving early the next morning by boat for Hong Kong, left us no time to visit the city.

The last stop before flying home, was Hong Kong. An impressive city, where everyone seems to be in a hurry. Watching the night fall over Hong Kong from Victoria Peak is spectacular.

Hong Kong Yangshuo Dali Lijiang Kunming Xian Beijing
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