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Who's Travelling.net?

The answer that to that question is Jacques Herman. I grew up in the southwestern part of the Netherlands, but now live near Amsterdam. As you can probebly gather from this site, I like travelling and taking pictures. This site is the result of mixing these activities together with another hobby of mine, building web sites.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. Also feel free to leave your comments in my guestbook.

A chronological overview of my travels:
1995 Czech Republic
1999 Ghana
2000 China
2001 Tunisia
2001 Cyprus
2002 Vietnam
2002 Turkey
2003 Ireland (Dublin)
2003 China
2003 Egypt
2004 Cuba
2004 Namibia - South Africa
2005 New Zealand
2005 Libya
2006 Morocco
2006 Zambia - Zimbabwe
2007 Zimbabwe - South Africa
2007 Luxembourg
2007 United States (Boston)
2007 Argentina
2007 Chile
2008 Spain
2008 France (Paris)
2008 Singapore
2008 Greece (Athens)
2008 United States (Southwest)
2008 Germany
2009 Luxembourg
2009 Azores
2011 France (Dordogne)
2011 Cyprus
2012 Canary Islands (Lanzarote)

EPPHK General Studies Teachingkkits 3 A few foto's have been published in books and papers. In the General Studies Teaching Kit #3 (Educational Publishing House Hong Kong) a photo of the Sahara in Tunisia was published.

Advertorial Sawadee in Grasduinen In an advertorial from the travel organisation Sawadee in Grasduinen (Dutch Magazine) some quotes were used from my review of my Patagonia trip. If you understand dutch, click on the picture to read the article.

If you would like to use a photo for a publication, just contact me and I can supply you with the original photo. In exchange I would like a copy of the publication.

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